Song of the Exile 1990

Song of the Exile Movie
Hong Kong
Release Date:
96 Minutes
IMDb Score:
7.4 / 10
Song of the Exile Movie

Song of the Exile (1990)

Location:     Hong Kong
Language:     Cantonese
Release Date:     1990-04
Duration:     96 Minutes
IMDb Score:     7.4 / 10

IMDb: tt0099927

Director: Ann Hui

Screenwriter: Nien-Jen Wu

Actor: Maggie Cheung, Siu-Kwong Chung, Tan Lang Jachi Tian

Storyline: After the Sino-Japanese War, Kwei Dz, one of the family members of Japanese soldiers accepted a Chinese officer's proposal and remained in China. Later they had a daughter named Ann. The ...

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